Configuring Sound for Remote Desktop Server

To change program settings, select Preferences in the tray menu.

Sound for Remote Desktop

General Settings

General Settings
Disable Audio Sandbox for Chromium-based browsers and apps
This option is required for compatibility with such browsers as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and some Electron-based applications (e.g. Microsoft Teams, Zoom, etc.).

Compression Settings

The next two tabs contain similar compression settings for playback and recording.

Compression Settings

You can select either lossless PCM compression for the best quality (if you are not limited in bandwidth) or Opus compression for optimal performance on slow networks. Different compression options are available for these encoders.

Cache size
Increasing this value will eliminate choppy sound on unstable networks, but has a direct impact on sound delay.
Optimize for
Choose the proper optimization algorithm according to your audio content.
A higher value means better quality but higher bandwidth usage.
Frame length
The default 20 ms frames are a good choice for most applications.